Inconclusive evidence of the effects of orthodontic therapy on periodontal health Critical Summary Prepared by: Mina Chung DDS, MS; Robbie Henwood DDS, PhD, MAGD 

A Critical Summary of:

The effects of orthodontic therapy on periodontal health: a systematic review of controlled evidence

Bollen AM, Cunha-Cruz J, Bakko DW, Huang GJ, Hujoel PP. J Am Dent Assoc. 2008;139(4):413-22

Published Date: 3/22/2010

This summary is published in the Journal of the American Dental Association and can be accessed at :-


  • Systematic Review Conclusion:

    The association between orthodontic therapy and improved periodontal health cannot be verified. However, limited evidence suggests a slight worsening of periodontal health after orthodontic therapy.

  • Critical Summary Assessment:

    On the basis of evidence from only 12 studies with substantial risk of bias, there is an absence of reliable evidence supporting the positive effects of orthodontic therapy on patients’ periodontal status.

  • Evidence Quality Rating:


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