Oxalates may not be effective in treating dentin hypersensitivity Critical Summary Prepared by: Ben Balevi B.Eng, D.D.S., Dip EBHC(Oxford), M.Sc. 

A Critical Summary of:

Dentin hypersensitivity and oxalates: a systematic review

Cunha-Cruz, J., Stout, J. R., Heaton, L. J., Wataha, J. C., Northwest, Precedent. Journal of Dental Research. 2011;90(3):304-10

Published Date: 6/10/2012

This summary is published in the Journal of the American Dental Association and can be accessed at :-


  • Systematic Review Conclusion:

    Current evidence does not support the routine use of oxalates—with the possible exception of 3 percent monohydrogen monopotassium oxalate alone—for the treatment of dentin hypersensitivity (DH) in adults.

  • Critical Summary Assessment:

    Results of this well-designed review and comprehensive analysis of the literature show, with the possible exception of 3 percent monohydrogen monopotassium oxalate alone, no significant difference in effectiveness between oxalates and placebo or no treatment in the treatment of DH.

  • Evidence Quality Rating:


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