Systematic Reviews

A systematic review is a comprehensive and unbiased review process that locates, appraises and synthesizes evidence from the scientific studies to obtain a reliable overview.

This section of the EBD Web site has a DATABASE OF SYSTEMATIC REVIEWS that are clinically relevant to healthcare in dental settings and is categorized by clinical topic . The database currently has over 2000 systematic reviews and is updated monthly. Inclusion of a systematic review does not imply an endorsement of the publication or its contents.

Links to the full-text copy of systematic reviews published in the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) are available here! Please contact the ADA Library to obtain copies of other publications.

Some of the systematic reviews have CRITICAL SUMMARIES, which are one-page, concise, user-friendly assessments of a systematic review written by ADA Evidence Reviewers trained in critical appraisal of the scientific literature.

An icon Has Summary next to the title of the systematic review indicates that a critical summary is available.

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Operations Manual for Critical Summaries

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