New Guideline for Treatment of Periodontitis

An expert panel convened by the ADA recommends scaling and root planing with no adjuncts should be the initial nonsurgical treatment for chronic periodontitis. Read more.


SAVE THE DATE: Evidence-Based Dentistry Champions Conference

October 18-20 to precede the ADA Annual Meeting in Denver


Evidence-Based Dentistry

EBD improves patient care by integrating three important aspects of clinical practice:
1. A dentist's expertise
2. A patient's needs and preferences
3. The best available scientific evidence

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ADA Science Podcast

Click here to listen in as ADA Evidence-Based Dentistry Champion, Dr. Partha Mukherji discusses how he implements EBD into his practice.

EBD Faculty and Practice Award Winners

The American Dental Association and American Association for Dental Research established three awards to acknowledge dental school faculty and/or a practitioner who made significant contributions to implement and advance EBD.  The awards were supported by a contribution from Colgate.

The winners are:
Greg Huang, Jane Gillette and Donald Chi

Dr. Balevi has five published critical summaries on the EBD website, with his most recent being titled "Patients who received preoperative antibiotics showed fewer early implant failures".

-Ben Balevi, BEng, DDS, Dip EBHC, MSc
Private Practice
Vancouver, British Colombia