Content from the EBD Web site is available through Really Simple Syndication (RSS). RSS is a format for content delivery over the Internet that allows users to "subscribe" to a Web site for automatic content updates. By subscribing to the EBD Web site RSS Feeds, you will receive the latest information with links to ebd.ada.org for additional information.

In order to subscribe to the EBD Web site RSS Feeds, you will need a software application capable of reading RSS content. Links to a few such applications are provided below. After successfully subscribing to the feeds, EBD Web site content will be sent to your RSS reader application.

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1. Choose an RSS reader. There are many different RSS applications available. The following Web-based RSS applications are available free of charge (each requires registration to use):
Google Reader  
My Yahoo
2 Copy and paste the following URL as a "New Feed" in your RSS application:
Critical Summaries: http://ebd.ada.org/CriticalSummariesRSS.aspx    This RSS feed will list the newest critical summaries posted on the EBD Web site.
Plain Language Summaries: http://ebd.ada.org/PLS/PlainLanguageSummariesRSS.aspx   This RSS feed will list the newest plain language summaries posted on the EBD Web site.
3. Access the feed. Each RSS application will work differently—please refer to the Web sites listed above for directions on using each application.


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Help with RSS

The process of subscribing to an RSS feed varies depending on the software being used. In most applications, you will need to take the steps to establish a “New Feed” or "New Source" which will ask for an address at which the RSS feed can be found.

In addition to the Web-based RSS applications listed above, there are also stand-alone applications and plug-ins for Web browsers such as Firefox and Safari that read RSS feeds. For more detailed directions on using individual RSS applications, please refer to the software manufacturer's Web site.


Note: Navigating directly to the RSS addresses provided above using your Web browser will not allow you to view the EBD Web site RSS Feeds. You must configure access to the feed through an RSS reader application.

If you experience difficulties configuring and accessing the EBD Web site RSS Feeds, contact us by e-mail.


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