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Pulp extirpation within 14 days after tooth replantation reduces inflammatory root resorption

Priyanshi Ritwik BDS, MS .


Systematic Review Conclusion

The authors of this systematic review found an association between delayed pulp extirpation (performed more than 14 days after replantation) and the occurrence of inflammatory root resorption, thereby supporting the existing clinical guidelines that recommend performing pulp extirpation within seven to 10 days after replantation.

Critical Summary Assessment

The results of this systematic review showed that although there was no association between timing of pulp extirpation and periodontal healing, functional healing, acceptable healing or replacement resorption, there was an association between pulp extirpation performed within 10 to 14 days after tooth replantation and a reduced incidence of inflammatory resorption.

Evidence Quality Rating

Poor Evidence

This summary is published in the Journal of the American Dental Association and can be accessed at:

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These summaries are not intended to, and do not, express, imply, or summarize standards of care, but rather provide a concise reference for dentists to aid in understanding and applying evidence from the referenced systematic review in making clinically sound decisions as guided by their clinical judgment and by patient needs. American Dental Association © 2019